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Cloud-Based Accounting Systems
We provide the licensing needed for the cloud-based accounting system and assist with the design and implementation of the system.

Monthly Financial Reporting
We develop monthly financial reporting and real-time dashboards that provide internal and external users the information they need to manage and evaluate the business.

We assist with budgeting future results and measuring actual performance against the budgets.

General Ledger and Account Reconciliations
We maintain detailed general ledger and account reconciliations to support financial reporting and facilitate completion of audits and tax compliance.

Accounts Payable Management
We provide accounts payable management and bill pay services, with cloud-based, real-time access to underlying invoices and other supporting data.

Fixed Assets
We maintain detailed fixed asset records and depreciation schedules for both financial and tax reporting.

Coordination with Other Professionals
We provide seamless coordination with other LBMC professionals, as needed, to provide:

  • Payroll, benefits and human resources
  • Federal, state and local tax assistance
  • Technology and information security services
  • Staffing services
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